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Release Notes for Ansible AVD 4.x.x

Release 4.0.0

Changes to requirements

  • AVD now requires ansible-core from 2.12.6 to 2.14.x excluding 2.13.0


Excluded version 2.13.0 has an issue in ansible-core, which is fixed in 2.13.1. Plugin loader will now load config data for plugin by name instead of by file to avoid issues with the same file being loaded under different names (Fully-Qualified-Collection-Name + short-name).

If Ansible is installed using pip, a supported version can be installed with pip3 install "ansible-core>=2.12.6,<2.15.0,!=2.13.0".

Breaking changes

Breaking changes may require modifications to the inventory or playbook. See the Porting guide for AVD 4.x.x for details.

Change upper case CVP roles and module vars to lower case

Potentially breaking in rare cases where custom logic relies on the registered vars or content of files. The custom scripts must be updated to use the lowercase variable instead.

Component(s) name Roles:

  • arista.avd.eos_config_deploy_cvp
  • arista.avd.cvp_configlet_upload


  • arista.avd.inventory_to_container
  • arista.avd.configlet_build_config

The following vars are changed from uppercase to lowercase, to conform with Ansible linting requirements.

CVP_CONFIGLETS -> cvp_configlets
CVP_CONFIGLETS_STATUS -> cvp_configlets_status
CVP_CONTAINERS -> cvp_containers
CVP_CONTAINER_RESULTS -> cvp_container_results
CVP_DEVICES -> cvp_devices
CVP_DEVICES_RESULTS -> cvp_devices_results
CVP_FACTS -> cvp_facts
CVP_TOPOLOGY -> cvp_topology
CVP_VARS -> cvp_vars

Last update: February 10, 2023