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Git installation

Installation using GIT

Using GIT as source of collection in ansible provides an easy way to implement all the changes once they are part of the development branch without waiting for a new tagged version shipped to ansible-galaxy.

Use Git as source of collection

In this setup, git repository will be used by ansible as collection. It is useful when working on feature development as we can change git branch and test code lively.

Get repository locally
# Clone repository
$ git clone

# Move to git folder
cd ansible-avd
Update your ansible.cfg

In your project, update your ansible.cfg file to point collection_paths to your local version of ansible-avd

  • Get full path to your newly cloned AVD repository.
# Get your current location
$ pwd
  • Configure your project to use AVD repository as source of collections:
# Update your ansible.cfg in your playbook project
# $ vim ansible.cfg
collections_paths = /path/to/ansible/avd/collection_repository

Build & install collection from git

In this approach, an ansible collection package is built from current git version and installed locally.

Clone repository
$ git clone
$ cd ansible-avd
Build and install collection

This section should be used only to test collection packaging and to create an offline package to ship on your internal resources if required.

$ ansible-galaxy collection build --force ansible_collections/arista/avd
$ ansible-galaxy collection install arista-avd-<VERSION>.tar.gz

Last update: May 5, 2022
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