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Always use the FQCN (Fully Qualified Collection Name) arista.avd.default when using this plugin.

Returns input value if defined and is not none. Otherwise, return default value.


The arista.avd.default filter can provide the same essential capability as the built-in default filter. It will return the input value only if it's valid and, if not, provide a default value instead. Our custom filter requires a value to be not undefined and not None to pass through. Furthermore, the filter allows multiple default values as arguments, which will undergo the same validation until we find a valid default value. As a last resort, the filter will return None.


Argument Type Required Default Value Restrictions Description
_input any True None Default value to check. Will be returned untouched if not undefined and not None.
default_values any optional None One or more default values will be tested individually, and the first valid value will be used.


myvalue: "{{ variable | arista.avd.default(default_value_1, default_value_2) }}"

Return Values

Name Type Description
_value any Input value if not undefined and not None. Otherwise, return the first defined default value or None.


  • Arista Ansible Team (@aristanetworks)