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Always use the FQCN (Fully Qualified Collection Name) arista.avd.snmp_hash when using this plugin.

Compute localized SNMP passphrases


Key localization as described in RFC 2574 section 2.6


Argument Type Required Default Value Restrictions Description
_input dictionary True None Dictionary with SNMP passphrase details.
    passphrase string True None The passphrase to localize.
This is the "auth" passphrase when the priv argument is not set.
If priv is set, it is the "priv" passphrase.
    auth string True None Valid values:
- md5
- sha
- sha224
- sha256
- sha384
- sha512
Auth type
    engine_id string True None A hexadecimal string containing the engine_id to be used to localize the passphrase
    priv string optional None Valid values:
- des
- aes
- aes192
- aes256
Priv type

Return Values

Name Type Description
_value string The localized key generated from the passphrase using auth type.
If required the key is truncated to match the appropriate keylength for the priv type.


  • Arista Ansible Team (@aristanetworks)