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Always use the FQCN (Fully Qualified Collection Name) arista.avd.encrypt when using this plugin.

Encrypt supported EOS passwords


The filter encrypts a clear text password into EOS passwords. To be used with Ansible Vault to load a password and have it encrypted on the fly by AVD in eos_designs. Note - For now this filter only supports encryption from type 7 and not type 8a for OSPF and BGP passwords.


Argument Type Required Default Value Restrictions Description
_input string True None Clear text password to be encrypted.
passwd_type string True None Valid values:
- bgp
- ospf_simple
- ospf_message_digest
- isis
Type of password to encrypt.
bgp and ospf_simple requires the password and key inputs.
ospf_message_digest requires the password, key, hash_algorithm, key_id inputs.
isis requires the password, key and isis_mode inputs.
key string True None Encryption key. The value depends on the type of password.
For BGP passwords, the key is the Neighbor IP or the BGP Peer Group Name in EOS.
For OSPF passwords, the key is the interface name (e.g., Ethernet1).
For ISIS passwords the key is the ISIS instance name (from router isis <instance name> or isis enable <instance name>).
hash_algorithm string optional None Valid values:
- md5
- sha1
- sha256
- sha384
- sha512
Hash algorithm to use with passwd_type=ospf_message_digest.
key_id integer optional None Min value: 1
Max value: 255
Key ID to use with passwd_type=ospf_message_digest.
isis_mode string optional None Valid values:
- none
- text
- md5
- sha
- sha-1
- sha-224
- sha-256
- sha-384
- sha1-512
ISIS encryption mode (none, text, md5, sha) or shared-secret algorithm (sha-1, sha-224, sha-256, sha-384, sha1-512).


- # Encrypt the vaulted BGP password for peer group "IPv4-UNDERLAY-PEERS"
      name: IPv4-UNDERLAY-PEERS
      password: "{{ bgp_vault_password | arista.avd.encrypt(passwd_type='bgp', key='IPv4-UNDERLAY-PEERS') }}"

- # Encrypt the vaulted OSPF simple password for interface "Ethernet1"
    - name: Ethernet1
      ospf_authentication: simple
      ospf_authentication_key: "{{ ospf_vault_password | arista.avd.encrypt(passwd_type='ospf_simple', key='Ethernet1') }}"

- # Encrypt the vaulted OSPF message digest password for Ethernet1, MD5 and key id 1
    - name: Ethernet1
      ospf_authentication: message-digest
        - id: 1
          hash_algorithm: md5
          key: "{{ ospf_vault_password | arista.avd.encrypt(passwd_type='ospf_message_digest', key='Ethernet1', hash_algorithm='md5', key_id='1') }}"

Return Values

Name Type Description
_value string Encrypted EOS password string.


  • Arista Ansible Team (@aristanetworks)